How Does NR Work?

How Does NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) Help Boost Cellular Energy?

NAD+ is the key that enables the mitochondria – the “power station” within the cell, to undergo cellular energy production.

NR has been proven to boost NAD+ levels in humans.1

NAD+ is the key that unlocks the body’s ability to produce cellular energy

You Need Cellular Energy

The body has many different needs and demands to keep itself active and functioning properly. Cellular energy is what powers all of the body’s functions such as keeping the heart beating, the lungs expanding and contracting, and enabling the brain to process thought.

Cellular energy not only fuels our most basic bodily functions, it also is necessary to defend against oxidative stress in the body, repair DNA damage, create the building blocks for DNA and RNA , and to “turn on” ‘longevity promoting’ proteins called sirtuins.9

NR is the Most Effective B3 at Boosting NAD+ and Activating Longevity Promoters1

It is true all forms of vitamin B3 have the ability to boost NAD+ in the body to some degree. However, the way each unique molecule is metabolized in the body can have a significant impact on each molecule’s ability to boost NAD+ and promote longevity. Dose-related side effects, such as flushing commonly associated with niacin, can also limit an individual’s ability (and desire) to further increase their consumption in pursuit of additional boosts in NAD+.

A recently published pre-clinical study demonstrated that when tested head-to-head-to-head (NA vs. Nam vs. NR), NR was not only the most effective NAD+ booster, but it was also the most effective at turning on of the longevity-promoting proteins called sirtuins.

NR is the Most Efficient B3 at Boosting NAD+1

When it comes to cellular energy in the body, our desire is to MAXIMIZE IT! Converting the B3s into NAD+ costs us some of our precious cellular energy - so efficiency in this process is key.   Science tells us that the processes to convert niacin and nicotinamide into NAD+ are more energy intensive than is the process for NR.  That's why NR is considered the most efficient and effective NAD+ booster available, when administered orally.1



Cellular Energy is Different than Stimulant Based Energy

Cellular energy is different than the caffeine driven energy  boosts one can experience after drinking coffee or energy drinks. Though in high demand, this type of wired, rapid response energy promoters also can result in rapid consequences such as anxiousness or jitteriness, increased heart rate and blood pressure, blood sugar spikes and an energy crash later in the day.2

Cellular energy production, in contrast, is happening within your body every day. When adequate levels are achieved, a person may simply feel like they have a general sense of well-being and enough healthy vigor to take on the day.


What are the benefits of NR?

Benefits of NR
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