Benefits of NR

As the most efficient and effective NAD+ booster, NR can deliver results in a number of different areas:


  • Promotes healthy mitochondrial function, which is an important component of human aging1,3
  • Supplementation of an NAD+ precursor for one week in aged mice reversed their mitochondrial dysfunction and returned mitochondrial health and key biochemical markers of muscle health to levels similar to a young mouse1,2,3
  • Increases sirtuin activation, improving mitochondrial activity to help prevent cellular damage due to free radicals1,3


  • Shown to lower high-fat-diet-induced weight gain by enhancing energy metabolism1,2
Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health1

  • Promotes beneficial effects on blood lipids by maintaining healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range1


  • Maintains neuronal health1
  • Improves cognitive function and protects against axonal degeneration associated with aging1,2,3
“We obtained convincing evidence that oral supplementation of NR boosts NAD+ and enhances the body’s utilization of NAD+ to a greater degree than the conventional forms of vitamin B3. NR is the most efficient means to boost NAD+.”
Charles Brenner, PhD.

Charles Brenner, PhD.

Roy J. Carver, Chair and Head of Biochemistry; University of Iowa; The discoverer of NR as a vitamin, Dr. Brenner is the world's leading expert on NAD+ metabolism. He has published more than 35 articles in scientific literature on actions of NR and NAD+ metabolism.
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  2. Demonstrated in animal in-vitro studies.
  3. Demonstrated in an in-vivo mouse study.
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